FBA Storage Fees

Da - Fay
10.11.23 10:02 AM

In March 2023, we changed our FBA service conditions and informed sellers of general changes to these which included the clarification of storage for certain stock we hold such as FBA removals.

Due to the change in Ezi Software, we have not invoiced or charged for storage of your FBA stock until October. As you can appreciate, we cannot act as a free storage facility and the terms of using our FBA service are as follows:

Pallets received will incur storage fees from day 1.

Boxes or packages of FBA removals will be stored for the first 30 days free of charge. After that each package will be charged per box per day based on the weight of the original incoming package or box. 

Storage fees will apply until packages are shipped, liquidated, disposed or up to 2 days after any such request is received from you. This ensures that if there is any delay on our part when processing your request, you will not pay for storage as a result of any delays caused by us.

Please see our website where we state terms for FBA storage

The rates are available here at the bottom of the FBA price list under Storage. Rates are quoted weekly but calculated daily.

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