Returns Report Maintenance

Da Fay

Our 'Returns Report' feature is temporarily disabled for some maintenance. This should be completed by end of day.

If you need any further information in the meantime, please get in touch.
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New Returns Addresses

Da Fay

We are pleased to announce we now have returns addresses and partners in New Zealand and Belgium!

Update your returns address now on all sales channels, remembering if you use FBA to update your removal address too.

Returns Labels will be available to the new NZ and BE addresses shortly.

You can find t...
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New Sweden Address

Da Fay

Please update your returns address now on all sales channels, remembering if you use FBA to update your removal address too.
Returns Labels will be available to the new SE address shortly.

Please note: do not use this address for customers from Norway.
You can find the new address with...
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Label Portal Prices

Da Fay

Please be advised that many of our return labels prices have changed with effect from 1st February. Whilst we try to avoid price increases, these have been forced upon us by the providers. 

Label rates are available in your relevant currency below:
GBP (£)   |   USD ($)  ...
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Sweden Return Address

Da Fay

Some time ago we requested sellers to stop using the Sweden returns address.

Please note that any item arriving there from 1st January 2024 will not be transferred to Germany as the Swedish address is no longer in use for us.

Please ensure the address is removed from ALL your sales channels immediatel...
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Old Ezi Portal is being disabled

Da Fay

If you wish to download any data we recommend doing so now.

Don't worry - we will still have access to data ourselves for several months beyond this date and can assist if you need any information.

All our hubs have been processing on the new Ezi software since 1st August or earlier in some&...

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FBA Storage Fees

Da Fay

In March 2023, we changed our FBA service conditions and informed sellers of general changes to these which included the clarification of storage for certain stock we hold such as FBA removals.

Due to the change in Ezi Software, we have not invoiced or charged for storage of your FBA stock until Octo...

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Nuovo indirizzo del Canada

Da Fay

Siamo lieti di annunciare un aggiornamento del nostro indirizzo in Canada. Mentre il nostro hub partner canadese rimane lo stesso, stiamo potenziando il magazzino per espandere e offrire l'intera gamma di servizi e operazioni di fulfillment di Ezi.

Si prega di aggiornare l'indirizzo di restituzione su tutti i canali di vendita, ricordando...
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Modifiche al servizio Ezi Resell

Da Fay

Il Servizio di rivendita si è rivelato molto popolare, consentendo ai venditori di trasformare i prodotti restituiti in vendite e profitti. Tuttavia, il software Ezi esistente non è stato originariamente progettato con questo scopo. Ora stiamo introducendo il nostro nuovo software che...

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Nuovo Messico Indirizzo

Da Fay

Siamo lieti di annunciare il passaggio a un nuovo partner in Messico! Ciò consentirà di espandere tutti i servizi e le operazioni di evasione di Ezi.

Aggiornate subito l'indirizzo di restituzione su tutti i canali di vendita, ricordandovi se utilizzate FBA di aggiornare anche l'indirizzo di rimozione.

Le nostre etichette di ritorno per il Messico sono state...
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